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Firm Valuation is a complex task that requires a meticulous study of the firm or business to be valued and also a great amount of common sense and technical knowledge, that will be of great importance in order to proceed to the different operations, such as mergers, acquisitions, exchange transactions, etc.

There are many and very serious mistakes that can be made in a valuation and for this reason necessary basic knowledge is required, commonly accepted methods, either based on the firm´s patrimonial situation or others which are more complex, as the ones using projections, etc, and using useful tools, such as statistics, mathematics, etc.

In ValoraPyme we do our best in order to get a coherent valuation and for this reason we use many valuation methods, some of them simple and others more complex. In this way it will be analized the business´sector, the impact of the leverage over the cost of the real stock, the optimum structure of capital, sources of wealth creation, etc.

The team that makes up ValoraPyme is highly qualified and has a vast experience in firm´s valuation and also in buying and selling operations, mergers, etc.

Finally, in ValoraPyme you will also find a platform where we connect potential buyers and sellers interested. You will be able to include your registration data free of charge in case you wish to do so.

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